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Language Training Opportunities

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 01, 2019

Source: Elines

Section 9.G. of our JCBA provides opportunities for Flight Attendants to not only be trained to speak new languages but also to make additional compensation for each hour worked in a designated language position or as provided in Section 9.G.7 for Language Incentive Pay (LIP).

Currently the company is seeking to staff aircraft with new language positions with Flight Attendants who have specific language fluency skills including Hindi, Dutch, German, Hebrew and Italian. Additional language proficiency is sought in the following languages:  Cantonese, French, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog. 

In order to qualify, Sections 9.G.3.a –c. of our JCBA outlines the format and minimum level of language proficiency testing required for interested Flight Attendants.  

A Language Qualified Flight Attendant who works in a designated Language Qualified position will be provided an override of $2.50 for each block hour actually flown and for all credited time in that position except sick/occupational leave and vacation (the “LQ override”) The monthly guarantee for a Flight Attendant who is awarded/assigned a Language Qualified line shall be calculated at their rate of pay plus the Language Qualified override. The monthly guarantee may be increased or decreased due to adjustments to her/his line involving LQ position flying. 

The monthly minimum guarantee for Language Qualified Reserves shall include the Language Qualified override based on the Reserve guarantee. The payment of a Language Qualified override shall not preclude payment of other applicable overrides

Flight Attendants not in designated language positions who are proficient in the language designated for a given flight will received $1 for each block hour actually flown and all credited time, except deadhead, sick/occupational leave and vacation as LIP override.  The LIP Override shall be in addition to all other compensation.

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