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Vacation Fly Through & Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority

Source: AFA

Date: Dec 10, 2018

Source: Elines

In the December 4, 2018 Scheduling Alert, management informed us that Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority were not awarded in correct order impacting approximately 298 Flight Attendants.  All vacation trading was suspended until December 7, 2018 1000 HDT.

The re-award of the vacation open time trades was completed and visible in CCS yesterday afternoon. December 6, 2018. There were 298 Flight Attendants who had a change in their vacation award. Included in the 298 flight attendants, there were 155 Flight Attendants that requested a vacation fly through and who now need to resubmit those requests in CCS

In addition, there were 40 Flight Attendants who entered into a trade with another Flight Attendant that either participated in vacation open time trading and/or traded with someone that did. These trades have been reviewed and it has been determined that there was no change to the originally awarded trade.

The approximate 298 Flight Attendants who participated in the Vacation Open Time by Seniority who also were awarded Vacation Fly Through or a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Vacation trade, should have received additional communications from the Flight Attendant Vacation Team in CCS.

Updated Timeline:




Dec 4

1700 CT

All vacation fly through and vacation trades between Flight Attendants suspended

Dec 7

0800 HDT

Vacation Open Time Trades by seniority re-awarded

Dec 7

1000 HDT

Vacation fly through, vacation trades between Flight Attendants, and Instant Open Time Vacation trades open

Dec 11

2359 HDT

Instant Open Time Vacation Trades close for January 2019

Dec 12

1000 HDT

Vacation Fly Through Close for January 2019

Dec 15

2350 HDT

Vacation trades between Flight Attendants close for January 2019

Questions should be directed to the Flight Attendant Vacation Team at 1-800-FLT-LINE, option 4, 9, 1 or FAVacationTeam@united.com

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