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pmUA Sick Leave & Occupational Injury

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 21, 2017

Source: unitedafa.org

Note:  The issue of when pmUAL Flight Attendants should properly begin accruing Occupational Injury Hours is currently in dispute between the company and the Union.  Notwithstanding:

Effective with the August 2017 bid month, pre-merger UA Flight Attendants will start accruing occupational injury (OI) hours and can begin using accrued OI hours starting with the September 2017 bid month. Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants will have a separate OI leave bank, and will be able to view their OI bank balance on their FDMS and FDSL screens in Unimatic beginning September 16, 2017.

Until further harmonization of the sick leave process, pmUA Flight Attendants will continue to accrue sick leave hours using the current pmUA methodology. In a bid month when they accrue regular sick leave hours, they will also accrue four hours of OI leave (two hours if in a Jobshare/Partnership). Maximum accrual for the sick leave bank is 1,250 hours and 400 hours for the OI leave bank. The accrual methodology will transition to that of the JCBA in the same bid month that pmCO and pmCMI Flight Attendants adopt the JCBA sick accrual methodology.

Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants will continue to use their current processes to select pay options (Minimum - 71 hours, Maximum - 100 hours or projected line value) while on sick leave or occupational leave status for an entire bid month.

When a Flight Attendant receives Workers’ Compensation benefits, all hours paid (directly or indirectly through Workers’ Compensation) will be deducted from the OI leave bank. Once the hours from the OI leave bank are exhausted, the sick bank will automatically be used to supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits on an hour for hour basis. If a Flight Attendant does not want to use their sick leave bank, she/he will need to submit a request to not use their sick leave bank to the Flight Attendant Support Team to transition to Leave of Absence status (L9). Please note that this interim process applies to pmUA Flight Attendants only.

With the implementation of this new provision, pmUA Flight Attendants will have the ability to make up supplemental OI sick leave hours (OI sick leave hours used to supplement payments from Workers’ Compensation) in the current and two subsequent months, the same as current pmUA sick leave.

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