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United Hiring Flight Attendants

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Date: Feb 01, 2013

It looks like United is hiring flight attendants.  Check out this flight attendant job posting from their site:

From: www.united.com

At United, we recognize that one of our greatest assets is our people. The rich diversity of ideas, experiences, cultures and lifestyles represented by United employees make it possible for us to give the best possible service to our global customers. We offer everything you need to build the career you have always wanted. Your search for a great place to work ends here at United.

Why join United's winning team?

Great reasons for choosing a career at United

  • Best employee travel program in the industry
  • Profit Sharing Plan that shares the company's success with employees
  • Perfect attendance awards recognize continuous service by employees
  • On-time bonuses reward employees for meeting on-time arrival and departure targets

Some other great reasons for choosing United include competitive medical, dental and vision insurance programs, as well as holiday, vacation and sick time. You can also enroll in our 401(k) plan, which offers valuable resources in saving for retirement. As a United employee, you are also eligible to receive employee discounts on air travel, car rentals, hotel stays and cruises.

What it takes to become a United flight attendant

The position is comprised of many skills, including the ability to multitask. Flight attendants perform important safety, security and service-related duties and interact with a diverse group of customers and fellow employees.

Summary of essential job responsibilities

  • Deliver consistent onboard service
  • Work independently without constant observation and work well with others as part of a team
  • Work in accordance with established procedures and performance standards
  • Ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations
  • Prepare and serve multiple meals and beverages
  • Offer onboard sales of liquor, food, headsets and duty-free items
  • Assist customers with carry-on items
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of our customers
  • Provide leadership by responding to a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations including aircraft evacuation, bomb threats, delayed flights, severe weather conditions, turbulence, etc.
  • Respond to customer medical situations and administer first aid to ill or incapacitated customers
  • Maintain order when interacting with any unruly or irate customers
  • Work a variety of shifts including nights, weekends and holidays, with the ability to travel to all countries we serve
  • Comply with published attendance policy

This summary of job duties indicates the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this job classification. It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all responsibilities and qualifications that may be required of employees assigned to this job classification. Additional duties may be added as required by the operational needs of United.

What it takes to be a successful United flight attendant

Flight attendants are highly visible employees to our customers. The friendliness and quality of service provided by our flight attendants greatly influences our customers' perceptions of United. As a result, we rely on our flight attendants to represent our company appropriately when interacting with customers. In addition, applicants must meet certain requirements.

Flight attendant qualifications

  • Friendly and polite in all situations
  • Good judgment
  • Excellent dependability
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Caring and nurturing disposition
  • Able to accept personal responsibility for resolving concerns
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good service orientation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to handle pressure in stressful situations
  • Physical agility and strength for assisting customers and helping to arrange luggage, as well as performing all necessary safety actions
  • Maintain professional appearance according to published guidelines. Tattoos must not be visible at any time while in uniform. Examples of visible tattoo locations include, but are not limited to, hands, arms, neck, face, legs and feet.

Job requirements

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalency
  • Secondary education and/or some college is preferred
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Able to perform basic math skills
  • Minimum two years of direct customer service experience
  • Able to hear, read, write and fluently speak and understand the English language
  • Bilingual fluency (ability to speak, read and write) in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese is preferred
  • Possess and maintain a valid United States passport or foreign passport with applicable visas
  • Authorized to work in the United States as defined in the Immigration Reform Act of 1986
  • Able to pass an FAA-required ten-year work history review and a criminal background check and submit to fingerprinting
  • Able to comprehend and retain information pertinent to the position
  • Able to pass a rigorous training program
  • Able to work holidays, weekends, nights and extended hours
  • Willing to work on reserve status for a long duration
  • Willing to reside within a specified driving radius of your assigned base
  • Willing to relocate based on the company's operational needs
  • Willing to submit to random drug/alcohol testing
  • Able to ensure reliable transportation to and from the airport

Flight attendants work in an environment subject to frequent changes in geography, culture, climate, cabin altitude and G-forces. They are in continuous and frequent contact with others, and are exposed to dry air, high noise levels, dim lighting and turbulence. Flight attendants work in the confined space of the aircraft aisles and galleys. To accomplish service and cabin equipment operation needs for periods of long duration, flight attendants must stand, walk, kneel, bend, stoop, stretch, reach, lift heavy objects from the floor to above shoulder-level, and push and pull equipment.

Additional job requirements

  • Minimum height of 5'0" and maximum height of 6'3" without shoes
  • Height and weight proportionate to maintain professional appearance; body size cannot exceed specific aircraft dimensions (examples: jumpseat, harness without modification, cabin aisle and emergency exits)
  • Vision correctable to 20/40 or better (uncorrected 20/200 or better)
  • Able to push and pull beverage/meal cart (150-250 pounds)
  • Able to lift liquor kit (up to 43 pounds)
  • Able to lift emergency window exit (up to 60 pounds)
  • Able to open emergency door (91-126 pounds stress)
  • Maintain a lifestyle free from alcohol abuse and illegal drug use
  • Successful completion of pre-employment examination revealing no physical or mental limitations that would impair ability to perform routine or emergency duties

This summary of job requirements is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive list. Additional job requirements may be added as required by the operational needs of the airline.

Employment conditions


United will assign your initial base. For this position, you must be able to be based in any of the following locations: Chicago, IL (O'Hare International Airport); Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Hopkins International Airport); Denver, CO (Denver International Airport); Houston, TX (Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport); Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles International Airport); Newark, NJ (Newark Liberty International Airport); San Francisco, CA (San Francisco International Airport); or Washington, D.C. (Dulles International Airport).

You will be required to live within a specified driving radius of your assigned base.

Relocation costs to the base assignment are the sole responsibility of the flight attendant.

Work schedule

  • New-hire flight attendants will work on reserve status to be determined by company operational needs.

    While on reserve, flight attendants must live in their base city and be able to report for duty within two hours' notice. Reserve flight attendants must provide phone numbers where they can be reached while on duty and be available for duty assignments on a 24-hour standby basis.

    Reserve flight attendants will be assigned a schedule with a minimum number of days off a month.

  • Flight attendants may be assigned to fly domestic and/or international flights.
  • Flight attendants will be away from home for several consecutive days at a time.
  • Flight attendants routinely work nights, weekends, holidays and extended hours.


  • For this position, all flight attendant wages and other terms and conditions are governed by the contract agreed upon between United and the Association of Flight Attendants, and are competitive with other major airlines. Flight attendants are required to pay monthly union dues.
  • For this position, United flight attendants are paid the following hourly base pay rates:
    • 1st year - $20.49, 2nd year - $23.97, 3rd year - $25.28, 4th year - $27.26, 5th year - $29.25
    • There are annual increases through the 16th year. In addition, flight attendants are eligible for additional incentive compensation, pay for use of designated language skills and position override pay (lead and galley positions).
  • All flight attendants receive per diem expense reimbursement of $1.95-$2.50 per hour for all trips.
  • Reserve flight attendants receive a pay guarantee of 83 flight hours per month or any actual flight hours above that amount.

    These figures are subject to change as different agreements may be reached with the flight attendant union.


Employment will be contingent upon successful completion of a four-and-a-half-week unpaid training program in Houston, Texas. Accommodations will be provided.

Background check and ability to fly to all countries United serves

The FAA requires a ten-year work history review, a criminal background check and fingerprinting for flight attendants. Employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the background investigation according to FAA and United standards.

All United flight attendants must be able to travel freely inside and outside the United States and without restriction to/from all destinations and countries that United serves.

Some countries place restrictions on the ability of foreign visitors to enter. For instance, Canada prohibits visitors who have been convicted of criminal offenses or who have criminal charges currently pending against them from entering Canada. Some convictions that make a person inadmissible for entry into Canada include theft, driving while intoxicated, and a number of other felonies and misdemeanors. There are procedures to seek special permission or waivers from Canada to permit entry, but these are not automatic. For more information on Canadian travel restrictions, please contact the Canadian government website and or local consulate. This is not a complete list of countries with restrictions. All flight attendants are responsible for making sure they are able to fly to all countries and destinations that are served by United.

Drug screening

The FAA requires a drug screening for flight attendant applicants. United requires employees to maintain drug-free lives and to submit to drug/alcohol testing randomly throughout their career. Employment is contingent upon a cleared drug screen according to FAA and United standards.


Flight attendants are responsible for the purchase of their initial set of uniform pieces and luggage. After the first year, annual replacement of uniform pieces will be provided by United. The initial cost for uniforms and luggage is approximately $720, which may be payroll deducted once employed by the company.

Applicants invited to attend a training class will be required to:

  • Present a valid federal- or state-issued form of photo identification
  • Present a photo copy of a valid passport or copy of a receipt verifying that an application for a passport has been submitted and is being processed
  • Present documentation authorizing work and residence in the United States

Thank you for your interest in being a United flight attendant.

Important note: Ensure that you have a valid email address and check that you have entered it correctly. We will communicate all information, including the status of your application, through email.

If you have interviewed with us before, you must wait one year from your interview to reapply. Please do not create more than one application. Creating more than one application can jeopardize your candidacy.

If you meet all of the above-mentioned qualifications and all of the employment conditions are acceptable to you, please click on one of the applicable links below to begin the application process. You will be asked to submit contact information, attach a resume, complete an online application and answer job-related questions.

Flight Attendant - General/Non-Language Specific

We are taking applications for individuals that are fluent in the languages listed below. If you speak, read and write one or more of these languages, please click on the applicable link(s) below to apply.

Flight Attendant - Fluent in Chinese-Mandarin

Flight Attendant - Fluent in German

Flight Attendant - Fluent in Hebrew

Flight Attendant - Fluent in Japanese

For any updates or changes regarding our hiring needs, please visit this page periodically. For additional career opportunities at United, please visit www.united.jobs.

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