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Cabin Jumpseat Information

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 15, 2012

From: Dear AFA

As we reported on February 24, 2012, AFA approached the company about modifying the terms of our Contract to provide for the cross utilization of cabin jumpseats (CJA) on both UA and CO aircraft. Based on our advocacy, the company implemented procedures for cross utilization of cabin jumpseats after conversion to the combined PSS system on March 3rd, 2012.

Since that time, the company has published guidelines for access to the jumpseat. We have heard your concerns about a number of these procedural changes and have expressed these concerns to management on the following issues:

  • The requirement to “list” for the flight one hour prior to departure. We’ve explained how difficult this can be especially in those markets where service is frequent and time does not permit for the subsequent listing on flights if not accommodated on an earlier departure.
  • Lack of a mechanism that allows Flight Attendants to CJA at the departure gate
  • We disagree with the requirement to be at the gate, in person, 30 minutes prior to departure. Flight Attendants on the inbound segment of a through flight (operating with the same aircraft) are considered to have met the cutoff time but may not, in fact, be in the gate room at the 30 minute cutoff if the aircraft arrives late.
  • Company procedures have the CJA seat assigned as the “last” seat on the aircraft. We’ve been very clear with the company that a Flight Attendant who expresses the desire to CJA is to be given the jumpseat and not necessarily as the last seat assigned.
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, there has been no change to the Contractual requirement for CJA’s to be accommodated on weight restricted flights. Keep in mind, CJA is subject to the contractual requirements for each subsidiary. For example, s-CO Flight Attendants do not have the same Contract requirement to be accommodated on weight restricted flights. Therefore, when traveling on s-CO aircraft, this should not be an expectation.

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