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United's New Security Policies

Source: Archived Content

Date: Oct 12, 2001

The Onboard Service department at United Airlines recently published a new set of security procedures in their 'Onboard Updates' publication.

Here are a few highlights of the new policies:

  • Cockpit security bars will be installed on all airplanes.
  • All working crewmembers are now required to have their IDs and flight assignments verified prior to each flight's departure.
  • Increased cockpit access security.
  • Sterile cockpit limitations will be increased from 10,000 feet flight level to 18,000 feet or cruise altitude, whichever is lower.
  • Effective immediately, all cockpit keys will be removed from all airplanes by the maintenance department except for certain exceptions.

We are not going to publish any specifics regarding cockpit access procedures, cockpit keys, and other security measures being put into place.  Quite frankly, I was surprised to discover that this information was published in Onboard Updates---a paper flyer which is placed in every F/A mailbox around the system, as well as posted on United' s own SkyNet intranet.

Regardless, I don't believe in publishing it here, or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter.  Therefore, you will need to carefully review Onboard Updates as well as any new Inflight Handbook revisions for further details of the new security procedures.  Additionally, you may want to contact your supervisor or local AFA office with additional concerns.

Bottom line: The most important security provision is us.  Be aware at all times.  If you notice any suspicious behavior whatsoever in the airport, contact the Ground Security Coordinator (GSC). 

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