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Flight Cancellations

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Date: Aug 09, 2000

Holy Cow!  United Airlines is going to cancel 1,980 flights from its September schedule! October will bring 1,980 cancellations. On August 7, 2000 UAL cancelled 240 flights on that single day alone.  The Dow Jones newswire reported that UAL held the worst on-time arrival rate of major airlines in the month of May.  The news report continues by showing both sides of the pilot/management dispute:

According to management: Pilots are refusing to work overtime since their contract expired in April and have been calling in sick more frequently.

According to the pilots: There is no work slowdown and the cancellations are a result of United's failure to hire enough pilots.

Bicker, bicker.  In the end, it's the traveling public that takes the punch in this ringside fight.

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