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Pig Cleared From Any Wrongdoing

Source: Archived Content

Date: Nov 30, 2000

Hooray!!!!!  The FAA announced on Wednesday that US Airways did nothing wrong in allowing a 300-pound pet pig to fly first class last month from Philadelphia to Seattle.  For those of you as interested in this story as I've been, you'll know that US Airways got in some trouble last month when they allowed a pig to fly First Class on one of their 757's.

The government department decided that the airline/pig complied with Department of Transportation policy on allowing individuals with a disability to travel with their personal service animals.

The FAA has set no standards or procedures for how pigs can fly onboard aircraft in the future.  FAA spokesman Jim Peters told the media: "The carriers will have to cross that sty when they come to it"

By the way, the Pig's name is  "Charlotte".

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