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NewsReal's Take On Our Violations

Source: Archived Content

Date: Oct 03, 2000

The UAL NewsReal dated October 3, 2000 has a little four-paragraph blurb about our "Flight Attendant Issues".

In the story, they give a quick recap (less substantial then articles, say, about Wireless Airport Paging) about AFA's recent meeting with management by saying, "...the participants discussed discipline issues related to flight attendant critical coverage, administration of the scheduling provisions of the flight attendant contract and wage concerns..."

Language is a very powerful tool.  So I've added UAL's newest language change to the ongoing revisions of the English Language:

Shell-Shock Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Handicapped Physically Challenged
Slums Low-Income Housing
Toilet Paper Bathroom Tissue
Contract Violations Administration of the scheduling provisions of the flight attendant contract...

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