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ABIDS Program Still Lacks Smooth Operation

Source: Archived Content

Date: Oct 18, 2000

Many of you will recall that back in early August we reported about a new program called 'ABIDS' which promised to award monthly bids on the very same day they close.  As some of you may have recently noticed, certain domiciles this month were not awarded their bids on October 17th.  Most notably were LAX (where this author is based) and SFO.

I spoke with the advanced schedule planner for LAX who told me that the ABIDS system has been having a few problems, most likely relating to the A/B rotation parameters.  This is the reason for the bids not being awarded the same day in some domiciles.  However, ABIDS is alive and well and will be fully functional once these last remaining automation issues are repaired for the affected domiciles.

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