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Payroll System Charitable Deduction Clarification – Your Cause

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 01, 2017

Source: Elines

In recent weeks there has been some confusion as a result of changes within United’s Payroll System and how charitable deductions are managed. Specifically, there is confusion between the “Your Cause” reference that shows on the Pay Advice with the CAUSE Foundation.

Following the changes to United’s Payroll system, all charitable deductions are managed through a single location in the MyInfo Section of the company’s website.  Accessed via the New Employee Giving tile, this location is now used to manage charitable deductions to literally thousands of charitable organizations across the country and worldwide.

The aggregate amount of all the charitable giving you elect is reflected on your Pay Advice as “Your Cause.”  This amount equals the total of all charitable giving for the specific pay period covered by the advice.  Where the confusion comes in is a result of the similarity in the names between the giving platform – “Your Cause” and the CAUSE Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Flight Attendants to assist Flight Attendants who are unable to work due to injury, illness or disability.

If you have questions about the charities to which you are donating, we recommend that you access the charitable giving platform via the New Employee Giving tile on My Info.  You can also access your donation history and see pending donations.  AFA Members and United have been great supporters of the CAUSE Foundation for many years.  While the CAUSE Foundation is a charity we recommend you consider to be a beneficiary of your generosity, we want to ensure you are aware of the distinction to the giving platform, Your Cause.


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