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JCBA Section 28 - Commuter Program Details

Source: AFA

Date: Jan 03, 2017

Source: Elines

When unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances prevent us from reporting as scheduled Section 28 of our JCBA, the Commuter Program establishes the process. On December 30, 2016, Section 28 of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) became effective.

The program covers Flight Attendants that commute to their base by automobile, bus, train, public surface transportation and United and United Express flights. When circumstances occur, such as unforeseen weather conditions/natural disasters, hazardous/impassable roads, mechanical failures, or unexpected airport disruption/closure, the Commuter Program sets the protocol and procedure for actions to be taken by the Flight Attendant, Crew Scheduling and the Flight Attendant’s Base. 

Both pre-merger CAL and CMI had a similar program available in their Contract, most commonly referred to as the “Oops” policy. However, this new Commuter program outlined in the JCBA introduces the program to pre-merger United Flight Attendants new provisions for all Flight Attendants versus current practices or policies in place pre-merger. 

Additionally, you should be familiar with Section 28.E which address how Flight Attendants who are delayed in reporting and instructed to continue to their base may be reassigned. 

Visit our website to review the details of the Section 28 -Commuter Program in its entirety.

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