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Holiday Incentive Programs

Source: AFA

Date: Dec 12, 2016

Source: Elines

The company and the Union have documented their understanding of how the holiday incentive programs for 2016 will apply. The following are highlights of the programs that will be in effect. 

Pre-merger CAL/CMI
Any Flight Attendant working from Nov.15, 2016 to Jan.9, 2017, that does not call off sick will have a choice of one of the following incentive options:

·         A (non-paid) Personal Drop.

·         Trip trade Exception; with this incentive choice, we can choose to trade a trip for any trip that we are qualified to fly. Days and hours traded for will be our individual choice. Reserves can request a personal drop for a Reserve day, or choose to move a day off.

·         Straight pickup from open time for a trip during the special coupon window period. The trip must be within your base. 

The use of all incentive choices is subject to certain “blackout” dates and you must fly during the incentive time period in order to be eligible. [Pre-merger CAL/CMI] Anyone working a full month company business, Union business, transitional duty or having half month/full month leaves, emergency drops, military leave, family medical leave, occupational injury, sick leave, RLR, OOP, OPR, RFD, DFT during this time will not qualify for this incentive program.

Pre-merger UAL
From Dec. 10, 2016 to Jan. 9, 2017, if you work a flight segment or stand Reserve without accruing any attendance points during this incentive period, you will earn a (1) point credit. The credit will be used to offset the first point(s) you generate after Jan. 9, 2017 and will be added to any remaining credits from the past three years. 

For additional information contact your Local Council Office.

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