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Update on September 2016 Incentive Pay

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 15, 2016

Source: unitedafa.org

Section 4.B. of our Contract provides for Flight Attendants to be paid incentive rates of pay for all block hours flown in excess of 200 hour per calendar quarter, including vacation and deadhead, to a maximum of 330 hours, except that no incentive pay will apply for block hours flown in excess of 110 hours in a bid month. 

The month of September provided an unusual challenge for Payroll in programming the calculation and payment of this incentive payment for the single month of September because special programming had to be completed to evaluate a single month rather than the full quarter. 

Over the past several days we’ve received a number of questions regarding the missing incentive pay from the September 2016 schedule month on the October mid-month pay advice for pre-merger United Flight Attendants  (This incentive pay applies for all block hours flown between 66:40 and 110 for the month of September.)

We have received an update from United management on these efforts. Management reports there are several issues related to this payout that need to be programmed including a cert code and the work necessary to ensure calculations are correct. All of this work is being done to ensure Flight Attendant can see a specific line item in their Statement of Earnings to allow verification of the hours paid.

It is expected that this work will be completed and tested in time to include the payment on the November 16th check.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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