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Medical Verification Update

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 20, 2016

Source: unitedafa.org

On Thursday, October 20th, management released a joint collective bargaining agreement implementation communication announcing a delay in the implementation of the provisions of Section 13.C. - Medical Verification. The delay, the result of the complexity of the process changes necessary to support all of the provisions of this section of the Contract, means all provisions will not be implemented in November. 

Of equal importance, because these new provisions will not be implemented in November Flight Attendants will continue operating under the provisions of their respective pre-merger airline agreement.  As an example, under the terms of pre-merger CAL and CMI agreements, the company may require medical verification of all sick calls originating during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Which includes the four (4) days before and the four (4) days after Thanksgiving as well as on Thanksgiving Day.

The company will first notify the Union and give Flight Attendants adequate notice as has been established by the Contract and practice at pre-merger CAL and CMI.  Flight Attendants without an absence in the prior 12 calendar months will not be subject to the medical verification requirement imposed during the holidays.

If you have questions related to your pre-merger Contract medical verification requirements, please contact your Local Council Office

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