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Days off Preceding/Following Vacation Implementation

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 28, 2016

Source: Elines

Section 12.C.4. of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) becomes effective for the bid month of November 2016 for all United Flight Attendants. 

This language states: 

“Days off preceding and following a scheduled vacation period as shown in a Flight Attendant’s schedule shall be considered part of that vacation period, if she/he so desires.”

This language is defined as any days off preceding and following a scheduled vacation, based on the Flight Attendant’s original line of flying, are considered part of a Flight Attendant’s vacation and are “sacred” days which are treated in the following mannor:

  • The company cannot assign training on those days, unless a Flight Attendant has specifically bid for the training.  It is still the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to ensure that she/he maintains her/his qualifications.
  • The company cannot schedule meeting on those days, without the Flight Attendant’s consent.
  • The company cannot reassign a flight attendant to infringe on those days, if there is an ability to return the Flight Attendant to base before the start of a sacred day.
  • Flight Attendants may not be drafted on a sacred day.
  • Sacred days are considered part of vacation for purposes of Section 18.E. of the pre-merger CAL Agreement and Section 20.E. of the pre-merger CMI Agreement. If the combination of scheduled vacation days and sacred days are more than 14 days, the 30 day period referenced in these Sections (discipline) is extended by that number of days (ex. 7 days of vacation + 6 days off preceding vacation + 6 days following vacation = 19 days; 30 day period is extended by 19 days)
  • A lineholder who picks up open flying on one of the days off immediately following a vacation period has signaled the end of her/his vacation. Any remaining days off are treated simply as regularly scheduled day off - not as additional vacation days.

This language is already in place for pre-merger UAL Flight Attendants and now expands to pre-merger CAL and CMI Flight Attendants.

Vacation Cancellation Implementation
Section 12.K. Vacation Cancellation of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) is effective with the November bid month should a circumstance arise where there would be a need for the company to cancel vacation. While there are no plans at this time to cancel any Flight Attendant vacation anywhere in the system for the foreseeable future, should the need arise, the company will fully comply with the provisions of the JCBA.

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