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Go Unimatic Web Site Launched

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Date: Sep 14, 2006

Go UnimaticWhat is GoUnimatic?

GoUnimatic is www.gounimatic.com.

It's a web site that we created so United Airlines employees can easily access Unimatic from any web-connected computer in the world---without having to remember or find the correct web address.

Why did you name it GoUnimatic?

Because it's easy to remember. Just think "Go Unimatic!"

How does GoUnimatic work?

You visit www.gounimatic.com. As soon as you do, you are automatically routed to the Unimatic window. Of course, you'll be asked for your AOL screen name and password first.

Do users still need to have an AOL account to use GoUnimatic?

Yes. They must have an AOL screen name and password. However, they do not need to pay for an AOL account. Nor do they need the AOL software on their computer. Learn more >

Will you offer technical support for GoUnimatic?

Oh Heavens no. You've got to be kidding. Unimatic is a pain enough to help troubleshoot and bidding downright sucks.

Why did you do this?

Because I like helping out United employees. I also like springtime flowers, puppy dogs, and lollipops.

Did you get approval to do this?

No. Approval from whom? The Unimatic police? Now, do you have any other dumb questions or can I return to hanging upside down in my closet listening to Pink Floyd?

How much is this costing you?

Not that much. It's a few bucks or whatever. But that's been taken care of by these fine folks. If you fly with them, be sure to thank them for this new convenience.

Any future plans or projects?

Yeah, another cool one is being worked on right now. In the meantime, we hope that GoUnimatic will help ease the hassle of accessing Unimatic.

New project? Will you elaborate on that?

No. Not really.

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