Notice to AOL E-Mail Users

After corresponding with UAL Flight Attendants on a daily basis for many years, I have concluded that America Online is an unreliable e-mail provider

I am sick and tired of dealing with AOL and will no longer support AOL e-mail addresses. If you are submitting an AOL e-mail address for Crew Lounge registration and/or forgotten password request, and have not heard back from us within a week, it's probably because AOL did not deliver the e-mail to your inbox.

We have seen just too many problems with e-mail delivery for AOL users.  Without warning, flight attendant messages bounce back, get rejected, or just 'disappear' into AOL thin air. We don't even bother trying to contact those applicants using an alternate means (Unimatic or carrier pigeon) anymore.

Best Advice

Use a non-AOL e-mail address for registration with Jumpseatnews.  Period. Get a free e-mail address at or or whatever.

Again, if you are using AOL exclusively for your e-mail, you are strongly urged to obtain an alternate e-mail provider to receive your JSN username and password confirmation.

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