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Reserve Opportunity to Pick Up Open Flying to Prevent Drafting

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 02, 2019

Source:  Elines

Our JCBA provides Reserves with a number of opportunities to increase their monthly earnings by voluntarily picking up flying on scheduled days off either from Open Time or from other Flight Attendants. We have received a number of questions on one option in particular. That is, Reserves’ ability to pick up open flying to prevent the drafting of Lineholders, as provided under Section 7.S.4.b. of the JCBA.

Reserves can volunteer to pick up Open Time to prevent drafting by placing a request on file in CCS at any time throughout the month, and there is no limit to the number of trips a Reserve may pick up from Open Time under this provision. If the Company is faced with a drafting situation, Crew Scheduling will process requests in seniority order.  If awarded, Crew Scheduling will attempt to contact the Reserve by telephone. 

  • If the Reserve does not answer the call, Crew Scheduling will continue down the list of Reserves who have matching requests on file (and who are legal for the assignment) until contact is made or until the list has been exhausted. 
  • When contact is made with a Reserve, the trip will be awarded.

To place a request on file, use the Reserve Open Flying Request to Prevent Draftingscreen in CCS. To access, go to CCS > Reserve > Reserve Prevent Drafting. Once on the screen, select “Create New Request” in the upper right corner.

Once on this screen, you have the option to narrow the results as much or as little as you would like by entering a specific pairing number or preferred criteria that correspond to the type of flying you would like to pick up. Once submitted, and only if the company is faced with a drafting situation on the date selected, your request may be considered if there are any trips in Open Time meeting the selected criteria. Again, requests will be considered in seniority order.  

For more information please contact your Local Reserve Committee.  

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