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Out of Base (OOB) Trades of Open Time and Advertised Pick-ups

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 10, 2019

Source:  Elines

While Flight Attendants have unlimited trip trades with and pick ups from, open time in their Base as well as unlimited trip trades with other Flight Attendants in their Base subject to the provisions of Section 7.I. of the JCBA.  

Whereas the Out of Base Trade provisions of our JCBA are specific to open time and advertised pick-ups, not trip trading. Therefore, mutual trades between Flight Attendants located in different bases are NOT provided for under the provisions of Section 7.J. of our JCBA.

OOB trades provide that Flight Attendants may pick up open time in any base subject to the following restrictions:

  • Less than fourteen (14) hours prior to departure Flight Attendants may pick-up open time in any base, regardless of special qualifications for the pairing. 
  • Less than fourteen hours (14:00) prior to departure, Flight Attendants may pick up advertised trips in any base provided that the Flight Attendant has the designated special qualification for the advertised trip, if any.

Also, pick up of an open time designated with a special qualification by a Flight Attendant not having the designated qualification may be denied if scheduling anticipates that a Reserve with the special qualification will be used to cover the pairing. 

If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council Representatives. 

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