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Canada Lengthy Tarmac Delay (LTD) to Mirror U.S. Policy

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 12, 2019

Source:  Elines

Flight Attendants on flight assignments which include segments into or out of Canada are encouraged to review the recent Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) announcement of the implementation of a Lengthy Tarmac Delay (LTD) policy for all arriving and departing aircrafts. 


The new Canadian LTD is similar to the U.S. domestic LTD policy which limits the time customers remain onboard to three (3) hours before an opportunity to deplane. However, the Canadian policy will allow Carriers a one-time, 45-minute extension, in addition to the three hours, if it is projected the flight will be able to takeoff within that 45-minute time bracket. 


The Long Tarmac Delay procedures for Flight Attendants are outlined in the SOP chapter of the eFAOM. There are no changes to the U.S. procedures currently in place. 

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