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Reschedule from Deadhead to Working Status

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 08, 2019

Source: Elines

Flight Attendants continue to report confusion regarding the parameters that must be met in order

 for the company to reschedule a deadheading Flight Attendant from deadhead to working status on the same flight. As a further complication, information contained in the Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG) document on Flying Together improperly 
refers to Enhanced Staffing procedures. This document is in the process of being corrected.

United and AFA agreed to clarify the JCBA terms regarding the rescheduling of deadheading Flight Attendants to working status on the flight they were scheduled to deadhead as follows:

1.    United may reschedule deadheading Flight Attendants to work the flight in order to:

a. Maintain Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required number of Inflight Crew, including any required augmentation, and

b. Reschedule Flight Attendants up to United’s Established Staffing Guidelines (“ESG”) to prevent understaffing.

Flight Attendants continue to report circumstances where the staffing on any given flight may exceed the FAA minimum or exceed the historically expected staffing levels on certain aircraft type. We are requesting that you provide these examples to your Local Council for review by the Union.

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