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Report Pay Discrepancies to Hub Help

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 05, 2019

Source: Elines 

Taking a proactive approach to monitor your pay advice is the best way to ensure potential errors can be corrected prior to payday and taking a moment to review each completed pairing at the end of the pairing is one positive way to ensure you are receiving the pay to which you are entitled – trip by trip.  

Anytime a Flight Attendants pairing ends, we strongly recommend you take a moment to compare the original pairing against what is registered at the end of the trip. Flight Attendants should be checking for negotiated pay factors such as holding time, premium pay, night pay, and language pay. Keep screenshots of your original trip pairing and make notes of if/when holding time becomes applicable. 

Flight Attendants can monitor their pay through the CCS Pay Register. Should you find an irregularity in your pay advice, file a pay claim through the Help Hub. When reporting to the Help Hub, the more information that can be provided the easier and more timely the correction can be made. In the event your concerns cannot be addressed via Help Hub, reach out to your Local Council by filing a Council Worksheet. In this way, your Local Council Representative can review your concerns and take whatever steps that may be necessary to ensure your proper pay.  Review the Pay Guideon Flying Together or review E-Lines Understanding Our Pay- Part 1and Understanding Our Pay- Part 2. Contact your Local Executive Council with questions or concerns. 

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