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Did You Know - Dual Boarding Using Air Stairs at Aft Entry Doors – No SOP Exists

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 21, 2019

Source: Elines

Inflight Safety, Airport Operations and AFA are currently in discussions to review the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which meet regulations for Stockholm (ARN) to allow boarding/deplaning of passengers using a “Dual Boarding” process. That is, using one jet bridge and one set of air stairs at an aft entry door. Stations should NOT be using dual boarding/deplaning process with air stairs positioned at aft entry doors at this time as there is no SOP in place. This includes all Caribbean and South American stations as well as at Frankfurt. 

Note: This procedure is to be distinguished from normal boarding and deplaning procedures (SOP) when using doors 1L & 2L for boarding/deplaning via dual jet bridges.

Until any new policy is announced and becomes effective, Flight Attendants presented with the prospect of dual door boarding/deplaning via air stairs, using an aft entry door in any location, are encouraged to remind the boarding agent that this practice does not have a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). If an Airport Operations agent initiates the dual boarding/deplaning process over your objection with air stairs at an aft entry door, Flight Attendants are encouraged to promptly report the incident to the flight deck and file the appropriate ISAP or IOR safety report. 

If, and when, SOP is developed for these procedures, Flight Attendants will receive communication and guidance advising them how and when Dual Boarding/Deplaning with one jetway and air stairs at an aft entry door is permitted under SOP. Until that time, please continue to follow your standard SOP for boarding and deplaning. Guidance will be released prior to any implementation of new SOP. 

CAUTION, As Members of our Flight Attendant Union community, open discussion about provisions of our Contract and how they apply should never take place on social media or in a forum that is subject to management scrutiny. The same applies to our view of SOPs, FARs & security matters which should never be debated or presented on social media sites because it can potentially compromise our safety and that of our flying partners.


Flight Attendants are encouraged to contact their Local Council Safety, Health and Security Representatives when they have concerns or questions pertaining to SOPs, FARs & security or contractual issues.

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