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Clarification of Commencement of Duty – Scheduled & Actual Duty Times

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 08, 2019

Source: Elines

Since the implementation of our JCBA October 1, 2018, many Flight Attendants have questioned if it is legal for Crew Scheduling to reschedule Flight Attendants duty days to new flying (not original flights) that results in a duty day length that is greater than the published scheduled domestic duty time in the JCBA once Flight Attendants have checked-in:

Domestic Maximum Duty Time - JCBA 6.S.1

Duty Period Starting:









High Value Trip**



The above duty time provisions are based on the Flight Attendant’s Home Domicile time.

“The actual duty times apply only once you have checked in for the first assignment (flight, deadhead, standby, etc.) in the duty period. Any rescheduling must be done without exceeding the maximum actual duty time based on the original commencement of duty”

JCBA Sections 6.S., 6.T. and 6.U. provide for the maximum period of time that a Flight Attendant may be scheduled on duty, as well as a maximum time in the actual operation. 

When a pairing is built, the scheduled maximum duty times must be used. After check-in, the actual maximum duty times apply when any changes are made to the pairing. 

When calculating maximum duty times, the flight time published in the bid packet should be used--- not that day’s projected flight time based on current weather/flying conditions. In the event Crew Scheduling needs to re-assign a Flight Attendant in the operation after the Flight Attendant has already checked in, the Flight Attendant can be rescheduled up to the actual maximum duty time (including debrief and customs). 

Under no circumstances will a Flight Attendant be required to remain on duty, without her/his consent, in excess of the applicable actual maximum duty time hours (including deadheading) in Sections 6.S.1. and 6.T.1.

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