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CCS Outage Planned for June 13, 2019 - 1200 Midnight to 0400 A CST

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 12, 2019

Source: Elines

The company has planned CCS outage on 6/13 from midnight through 0400 CST, subject to operational needs.

Management will post a CCS announcement if the outage ends early.

This outage will take place within the following time frames for international bases and will occur during the Reserve Preferencing and Ready Reserve Preferencing assignment process for these international locations. However, this outage will not affect these assignments.

Reserves should be aware that the assignment may not show in their master schedule display in CCS until after the outage has concluded.

• GUM: 1500 through 1900 (local base time) on 6/13

• HKG: 1300 through 1700 (local base time) on 6/13

• NRT: 1400 through 1800 (local base time) on 6/13

• LHR: 0600 through 1000 (local base time) on 6/13

• FRA: 0700 through 1100 (local base time) on 6/13

During the outage, all transactions, including trip trades, day off trades, pool display, Reserve availability, Reserve preferencing, maximum flying hours opting, pay register and sick notifications will process but will not reflect as updated on your master schedule, pairing details and Reserve availability until after 0400 CST on 6/13. The entire CCS system will be available during this window, just no refresh or real-time updates will be shown. Trip trades will be processed.

Please review the trade award status in the trip trade history as the master schedule will not reflect the processed trip trades that were awarded. Hotel changes, pairing updates, master schedule and alerts will be accessible but no real-time display updates will occur until after the outage is completed.

Additionally, Personal Time Off (PTO) requests for bases that are processed during the outage window from 1200 AM through 0400 CST on 6/13 will be awarded after the planned outage.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Crew Scheduling or your Local Council Office for assistance.

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