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New Unaccompanied Minor Procedures (UMNR) Effective June 1, 2019

Source: AFA

Date: May 31, 2019

Source: Elines 

In a continuing effort to enhance the safety and care of our young travelers and to meet all regulatory requirements, United has reissued guidance for Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) that will become effective tomorrow, June 1, 2019.

Be advised the previously announced UMNR process has been slightly adjusted.  Flight Attendants will advise the Airport Operations agent meeting the aircraft on arrival that there is a UMNR(s) on the aircraft.  This notification is essential to alert the agent that she/he must remain in the gate area after passengers disembark until the working crew comes off the aircraft.  At that time, the Flight Attendant with responsibility for the UMNR(s) will accompany the UMNR(s) and hand off custody to the Airport Operations agent.  

Earlier this year, United revised UMNR procedures to include a limit to the number of UMNR(s) per flight and designated UMNR seating locations by establishing aisle seating at the rear of the aircraft as the preferred seating area for UMNR(s).  This designated seating location is intended to ensure Flight Attendants have optimaloversight of the UMNR(s) and to ensure UMNR(s) do not disembark prematurely on arrival

It should be noted that action has been taken to ensure there is always a buffer that will be maintained between the UMNR and any accompanied prisoner (ACPR). Refer to your eFAOM for this specific guidance. Given the resources of the LINK, Flight Attendants are able to access aircraft specific diagrams. The My Flight and Inflight Service Apps will illustrate the location of any seats occupied by a UMNR as well as any ACPR(s) on a given flight.  Any time you have seating concerns for a UMNR, working through the purser and the flight deck, immediately notify the agent working the flight to enlist their assistance.

Additional changes to the UMNR program are scheduled for implementation throughout the summer.  Always refer to your eFAOM for the most current details and guidance on the secure handling of UMNR(s).

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