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Flight Time Accrual versus Holding Pay – Which applies when?

Source: AFA

Date: May 03, 2019

Source: Elines 

JCBA Section 2.P. of our JCBA defines actual and credited flight time:


Actual flight time (block to block) means the time from the moment

an aircraft moves from the blocks under its own power or under

tow for the purpose of flight, until the time the aircraft comes to

rest at an unloading point. If passenger access/egress is prohibited

at other than a normal unloading point, either international or

domestic, flight time shall continue until passenger deplaning

occurs or the flight departs.



Credited flight time means the time which is accumulated toward

a Flight Attendant’s monthly credited flight time maximum as

described in Section 6. Credited flight time may be more than but

cannot be less than actual flight time.

For the purposes of interpreting Section 2.P. of our Contract:


  1. “Normal unloading point” includes any gate position with or without a jet bridge where aircraft typically park to load/unload passengers at a particular airport even if that place is not the intended destination of the flight in question.
  2. “Operational reasons” includes but is not limited to mechanical issues, refueling, weather or the removal of an ill or disruptive passenger.


  1. When an aircraft returns to a “normal unloading point” at the airport of departure, holding time will apply.
  2. When an aircraft makes an unscheduled stop for operational reasons and the aircraft parks at a place, which is not a normal unloading point, and passenger access/egress is prohibited then flight time shall continue uninterrupted.
  3. When an aircraft makes an unscheduled stop and parks at a normal unloading point which eventually becomes its unloading point and governmental authorities require passengers to remain onboard to wait for customs and/or immigration facilities to become available, then holding time will apply while awaiting passenger egress.
  4. When an aircraft makes an unscheduled stop for operational reasons and governmental authorities deny permission for passenger egress then flight time shall continue uninterrupted until the aircraft departs for the scheduled destination

Flight Attendants are reminded to check their pay registers to ensure flight time or holding, as applicable, has been properly paid.

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