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Flight Attendants Cautioned About Reliability of Third-Party Apps

Source: AFA

Date: May 18, 2019

Source: Elines 

IMPORTANT:Flight Attendants are strongly encouraged to directly access CCS using a web browser when checking their Master Schedule and/or when Reserves are ascertaining their next-day assignment after 1930 HDT.

Flight Attendants continue to report issues with the functionality of some third-party apps. The more specific complaint is that the third-party apps are not interfacing correctly with the company’s internal systems and may not accurately reflect your assignments.

In particular, Flight Attendants on Reserve status are reminded that they are exclusively responsible for confirming and acknowledging their next day assignment. If the app malfunctions or you are provided inaccurate information from the app, and it results in any missed trip, it is your responsibility.

Additionally, in September of 2018, United announced that Mobile CCS would eventually take the place of all third-party apps and bid services and encouraged Flight Attendants to begin to transition to United’s Mobile CCS platform. 

For additional information contact your Local Council Representatives

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