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Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant - Partial & Mutual Trades

Source: AFA

Date: May 08, 2019

Source: Elines 

Sections 7.I. of our JCBA provides for partial and mutual trades between Flight Attendants.

Mutual Trades are agreed upon trades between two Flight Attendants where one (1) Flight Attendant may drop one (1) or more pairings to another Flight Attendant and may occur without picking up any pairing in return. (Section 7.I.9.)

A trade between two Flight Attendants must be made in the computer up to four (4) hours prior to check-in of the earliest trip involved in the trade.

Mutual Trades should not be confused with pairings advertised for pick-up. A Mutual trade is just that, a mutual (or agreed upon) trade of a pairing or partial pairing for another Flight Attendant’s pairing. This may occur from a mutual trade advertisement where, when posted makes it clear that a Flight Attendant is looking to exchange a pairing(s) or Reserve days off as provided for in Section 8.J. of the JCBA.

Flight Attendants should not confuse a mutual trade with a straight pick-up. Because trading has an economic impact on the individuals involved, you should always ensure you fully understand the nature of the mutual trade.  Be sure to read the conditions for the mutual trade and know that it is never acceptable for one Flight Attendant to straight pick-up a pairing from mutual trades without providing the Flight Attendant with the agreed upon pairing in exchange.

Note: Trades involving a straight pick-up should be listed only as advertisements.

When advertising a pairing for mutual trade, it is helpful to be specific in the comments section. Be sure to include specific details regarding the trips for which you are willing to trade.  For example, dates of operation, destinations, trip length, etc.  Always include your contact information.

Example: A Flight Attendant was awarded a line containing HKG pairings. However, they prefer to fly FCO. They advertise for a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Mutual Trade stating the following details: I have HKG on the 14th that I would like to trade for FCO on any date. Text or call xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

As a matter of clarification, Flight Attendants are not required to create an advertisement in order to conduct a mutual trade(s) or a straight pick-up(s). Mutual trades and straight pickups may be accomplished by two Flight Attendants who simply agree to enter the mutual trade into the system.

However, a Flight Attendant is required to fly her/his original pairing if no other Flight Attendant agrees to Mutual Trade the pairing or a portion of the pairing within four hours (4:00) prior to check-in .

By exception, if it is less than four hours (4:00) prior to check-in, two (2) Flight Attendants may complete a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trade (partial or entire trip trade) before check-in if the following stipulations have been met:

  • Both Flight Attendants are physically present at the Base location
  • The trade is confirmed with scheduling not later than two hours (2:00) prior to scheduled departure.
Additional Information including step-by-step instructions on how to enter into mutual trades can be found in the Trip Trade and Adjustment guide located on our AFA website at www.unitedafa.org.

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