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Enhanced Staffing Issues on Narrow body Domestic Flights

Source: AFA

Date: May 15, 2019

Source: Elines 

We continue to receive reports from Flight Attendants of the company’s action to assign working crew members in excess of the Established Staffing Guidelines on domestic narrow body aircraft.  Given the recent staffing reductions on certain International flights, this action seems completely counterintuitive from a logical perspective when it appears the company is steadfastly resistant to adding staffing to these international flights where the addition of staffing on these flights would deliver for all of us the biggest bang for a buck.   


United management is contractually responsible to staff aircraft consistent with the Established Staffing Guidelines set forth in Section 7.Z.1. Additionally, the company shall publish the ESG in the Flight Attendant Policies and Procedures Manual. A reasonable effort will be made by the Company to monitor and staff consistent with ESG.


AFA continues to require the company comply with proper staffing on all flights (Domestic and International), ensuring Flight Attendants have the working crew support they need to complete a safe and enjoyable service for our customers.


We need your help to address these staffing inconsistencies. Please continue to report any inconsistencies with staffingby filing a Marginal Service Report. You can file a report online at Unitedafa.org or contact your Local Council and report the details directly to your representatives. 

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