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Report Scope Clause Violations to Your Local Council

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 03, 2019

Source: Elines

During the last week Flight Attendants have once again reported several instances of ground staff violating the scope of our contract by performing Flight Attendant duties during the boarding process. Therefore, we encourage all Flight Attendants to review the following E-Lines publication dated April 6, 2018, addressing the Scope Clause and more specifically, why it is important to have such provisions in our Contract.

When supervisors or other employees perform work traditionally performed by Flight Attendants, it is a violation of our Contract. Flight Attendants are to calmly advise anyone, other than working Flight Attendants, that this work will be completed before the door of the aircraft is closed, consistent with the FARs. Reassure these individuals that the crew is aware of their duties and responsibilities that need to be accomplished. If all else fails, advise them they are in violation of our Contract and ask them to stop immediately.


We ask that you immediately report any violation of our scope to your Local Council, not because this is about getting anyone in trouble, but rather this is about ensuring any misunderstanding is promptly corrected.

Remember, the Scope Claus protects our work and ensures that work continues to be available for us to perform. In the end, Scope protects our jobs and prevents the company from assigning this work to other work groups simply because it’s more expedient for them to do so.

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