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Release from Duty

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 03, 2019

Source: Elines

Release from duty occurs after a debrief period of fifteen (15) minutes after block-in of a flight at the end of a Flight Attendant’s duty period.  Release from duty for deadheading occurs at block-in.

The procedures at the end of a Flight Attendant’s duty day varies from Lineholder to Reserve. It is important to understand the language and legalities of the JCBA to ensure your Contractual rights are upheld.

A Reserve who returns to the home Domicile at the end of a pairing, or who completes a Standby Reserve assignment, shall immediately contact crew scheduling by phone or electronic means. In accordance with Section 8.I.3.b of our JCBA, Crew Scheduling will advise the Reserve that her/his status will be one of the following  

(1)   Released: The Reserve will be released to legal rest which will commence as specified in Sections 6.R.9 or 6.R.10.b.

(2)   Second Assigned: The Reserve will be given a second assignment within the same duty period to avoid drafting, or

(3)   Assigned following Legal Rest:  The Reserve will be assigned in accordance with time accrued order and legal rest provisions to a pairing departing within fifteen (15) hours.

Upon release to crew rest, Scheduling will only contact a Reserve during the last hour of the crew rest period at the home domicile. During the legal rest period, the Flight Attendant is free from all duty and company obligation.

A Flight Attendants duty day begins at their originally scheduled check-in time. Maximum duty time provisions are based on the Flight Attendant’s home domicile time and the hour of the day at which the duty period starts as set forth in Section 6.S. of our JCBA.

For additional information contact your Local Council Representatives.

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