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New “Call-Back” Feature When Calling Crew Scheduling

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 26, 2019

Source: Elines

The April 3, 2019 Edition of Inflight Services Weekly (ISW) announced the launch of an optional “call-back” feature meant to reduce wait times when Flight Attendants call crew scheduling. Similar to existing technology used at other United call centers, when wait times are greater than five minutes, Flight Attendants will be given the option of receiving a call back when a scheduler becomes available rather than waiting on hold.

Management representatives stated that so far there have been no known examples of Flight Attendants being needed for flights (second assignments in the duty period) and who did not receive a timely call back.

However, and out of an abundance of caution, when you are blocking in and are potentially legal for a second assignment during the duty period, we strongly recommend that you not leave the property until you have been released to do so. Keep in mind that since all releases occur at the domicile (base), if you do not receive a call back in a reasonable period of time from Crew Scheduling, you should enlist the assistance of a base supervisor in getting yourself released to crew rest.

For additional information or questions contact your Local Reserve Committee.

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