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Flight Attendant Responsibilities Concerning Cabin Tidying

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 26, 2019

Source:  Elines

Recent discussions on the line indicate that there may be some confusion regarding Flight Attendant responsibilities as it pertains to tidying. 

Section 3.Y. of our JCBA provides “Flight Attendant duties shall include, from the time the aircraft door is closed until the time the aircraft door is opened, maintaining the tidiness and neatness of the aircraft cabins, galleys and lavatories, and restocking lavatory supplies.” However, once the aircraft has arrived at the gate and the door has been opened, responsibility for cleaning of the aircraft transitions to the appropriate personnel at the station of arrival.

All of us understand the high priority that has been placed on our overall “on time” performance as an airline as evidenced by the emphasis placed on quick turns and ensuring that we all understand our part in moving the airline forward on schedule.

Prior to departure, our responsibility as Flight Attendants requires that we complete all necessary pre-flight safety checks and to be prepared for customer boarding at the appropriate time. 

We’ve received reports that some stations, especially during irregular operations, may not have cabin cleaning crews immediately available to support the quick turn process and in some instances Flight Attendants have been pressed to perform cabin cleaning duties in the absence of cabin cleaning personnel.  This is not a Flight Attendant responsibility and you should not allow yourself to feel pressured into doing this work.

Let’s be clear that our job as it pertains to tidying occurs during flight. To the extent that we are proactively collecting trash during the flight and prior to arrival, that is where our contribution to supporting the on-time departure is made. Management has the responsibility to provide adequate staff to complete other necessary functions while the aircraft is on the ground.  We can further support getting this work done by letting either the flight deck crew or operations at the station know when cleaning personnel have not arrived at the aircraft. Doing so timely allows us to complete our responsibility as it pertains to our preflight checks and being prepared when customer boarding begins.

For additional questions or information contact your Local Council Representatives.

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