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April 20, 2019 - WHITE FLAG DAY in EWR, IAD, DEN, IAH, ORD

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 20, 2019

Source:  Elines

 Flight attendants straight picking up a pairing from CCS OPEN TIME after the effective time of 01:10 Central Time thru 23:59 Central Time in the EWR, IAD, DEN, IAH, ORD bases for trips originating on April 20, 2019, can qualify for white flag compensation as provided in the Contract. White Flag trips can be picked up through the Electronic Bulletin Board.

It is not necessary to contact Crew Scheduling to pick up a trip.  The automation used to pick up pairings will appropriately record the white flag for pay purposes.

You must be in position and operate the pairing or, if cancelled, be reassigned for pay protection. All out of base pick up rules apply. White Flag pay is for all hours flown and credited for the pairing.

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