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Short Crew Pay

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 29, 2019

Source: Elines

Short crew pay is intended to provide working crewmembers with additional compensation when staffing levels on a particular flight do not meet the established staffing guideline.  It is important to understand that no flight may be dispatched without the FAA minimum number of Flight Attendants on the aircraft.  Attendants often ask the following questions about Short Crew Pay:

Q: What are the requirements to receive short crew pay?

A: When the actual number of Flight Attendants working the flight is less than what’s provided for in the ESG, the working Flight Attendants shall be paid Short Crew Pay.

Q: Where can I find the Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG)?

A: The ESG is found in the Policies & Procedures Manual, Link, and in the Policies & Procedures / Inflight Services section of Flying Together.

Q: What is the Short Crew Pay formula?

A: When staffing on the flight meets the Short Crew Pay requirements, each working member of the crew will be compensated at the rate of $7.50 per hour, or fraction thereof, for each Flight Attendant absent, block to block and for holding time when a meal is served.  Remember, the FAA minimum number of Flight Attendants required for the dispatch of the aircraft must always be onboard the aircraft.

Q: Is it automatically paid or do I need to submit a request for it to be paid?

A: Short Crew pay is paid automatically. Look for Short Crew Pay in your Pay Register in the pairing details after the pairing is completed.

Review the Contract language in Section 4.Q. of our JCBA.  If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council office for assistance.

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