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Parking Carts - Jumpseats and Emergency Equipment Accessibility

Source: AFA

Date: Mar 29, 2019

Source: Elines

During the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of discussion as to the proper procedures when parking carts in the cabin and, in particular, near aircraft doors and cabin jumpseats. On Wednesday, March 27, 2019 the company issued an Inflight Services Safety article establishing expectations by outlining the following procedures.

  • Never leave a cart unattended. If you’re more than three rows away from the cart (roughly 10 feet), the cart is considered unattended.

  • Never restrict your immediate access to cabin jumpseat(s) or emergency equipment. If the jumpseat and emergency equipment are accessible for use, you can park the carts near them for service.

The following are important considerations when parking carts:

If you cannot access or remove the emergency equipment from its storage area without having to move the cart, do not park cart in this location.

Note: Use the preflight area diagram pop-up enabled graphic function in LINK to locate emergency equipment and jumpseat(s) in the immediate area. 

If you cannot sit and secure yourself into the jumpseat(s) with seat belts and shoulder harnesses fastened without having to move the cart, do not park cart in this location.

Additional cart safety considerations:

Always engage the cart brake unless you’re moving the cart.

Be mindful when setting up the cart as to the placement of items both inside and on top of the cart.  Placement of items is key to safe cart operation.

Refrain from reorganizing the interior of the cart in a way that makes it “top heavy.”

Keep the contents on top of the cart neat and orderly and be mindful of the placement and location of hot liquids.

Additional information concerning cart safety guidelines can be found in the SOP section of our eFAOM as well as in your Policy and Procedure Manual. 

Questions can be directed to your Local Council Safety Representatives.

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