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Staffing and Work Position Changes Effective February 1, 2019

Source: AFA

Date: Feb 02, 2019

Source: Elines

The updated bid packet matrices incorporating the Polaris galley packing and service flow changes became effective today, February 1, 2019. Flight Attendants are encouraged to become familiar with the new responsibilities and staffing sheets posted on Flying Together, as well as in our Link’s Content Locker. 

We’ve received some questions as to why the matrix continues to indicate the 777W/X to DEL is being staffed with eleven Flight Attendants – one crew member above maximum staffing. The company has made a decision to continue to staff the 777W/X aircraft in the DEL market with eleven (11) Flight Attendants to support the company’s reliability metrics. The FAA minimum staffing required on this flight, including the augmented staffing for the duty period is ten (10) Flight Attendants. Were the company to staff the flight with the requisite ten (10) Flight Attendants, should any member of the crew become ill or unavailable on the layover, the crew complement would be reduced below the required minimum and the return flight would not be able to operate. By staffing the eleventh Flight Attendant, the company will be able to operate the flight as a result of having the FAA minimum of ten (10) Flight Attendants.

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