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Satellite Bases Anticipated to Open in Second Quarter of 2019

Source: AFA

Date: Feb 02, 2019

Source: Elines

Last November, United management announced the initial development of their plan to open satellite bases in MCO, PHX and SAN on a trial basis. Consistent with the terms of the Letter of Agreement in our JCBA on Satellite Bases, your AFA leadership remains committed to the establishment of these Satellite location.

We are in discussions with management on a variety of topics to ensure any and all contractual items that require resolution prior to opening these new locations are addressed before these satellite bases are opened.  We’re working to ensure you have all the information on the satellite operation before making any decisions and are aware of how these locations will be administered.

We remain optimistic that we’ll work through these issues/concerns successfully using all available contractual options.   As this work related to the opening of these satellite base locations continues, we encouraged management to communicate their updated expectations related to the opening of the satellite locations for your planning purposes.  It is now anticipated that the opening of these satellite bases will occur during the second quarter of 2019.

As we make additional progress in addressing the concerns of both the Company and AFA to ensure the success of this trial period, we’ll communicate additional information to you.

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