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Questions on Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements

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Date: Jan 22, 2019

Source- Elines

Recently, we have received a number of questions seeking clarification as to which Flight Attendants are eligible to utilize reciprocal cabin seat agreements.  These questions have arisen as a result of some supervisors improperly advising new hire Flight Attendants they are not eligible to use reciprocal cabin seat agreements.  This is inaccurate.

United Flight Attendants with a crew badge will have access to free, space available economy seating on those carriers who have established reciprocal cabin seat agreements with United Airlines.  The agreements allow Flight Attendants with a crew badge the ability to occupy an available cabin seat on that carrier and, in exchange, United has agreed to “reciprocate” and accommodates Flight Attendants of these other airlines who are then able to occupy available cabin seats on United aircraft. 

Note:  It is important to clarify that these are cabin seat agreements, not cabin jumpseat (CJA) agreements.

Reciprocal cabin seat agreements guidelines are unique by airline, including listing procedures, attire and check-in requirements. 

Flight Attendants, including those who have recently joined our Flight Attendant community are able to take advantage of the opportunities these agreements provide.  You are encouraged to review the individual carrier policies and procedures by visiting either the Reciprocal Travel Agreements page in the password secured, Members-only section of our unitedafa.org website or by reviewing the travel section of United’s Policy and Procedures

Our AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws lists reciprocal agreements as a one of our goals in negotiations at each of our Members' airlines. We have been extremely successful in our campaign to date and we will continue our advocacy to expand the availability of these agreements.

Note:For security reasons, all Reciprocal Travel Agreement Guidelines now require logging into the AFA United MEC Website Members section.

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