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CCS Practice Environment

Source: AFA

Date: Aug 08, 2018

Source: Elines

On July 9, 2018, the CCS Practice environment was launched as way to assist Flight Attendants with the new bidding process outlined in the JCBA. Beginning with the opening of October bids on September 12, 2018, all Flight Attendants will be using new functionality in CCS to bid for their October schedules. 

Currently the CCS Practice environment offers Flight Attendants the opportunity to explore the functionality of CCS, view sample bid packets, practice navigating the Primary bidding screen and see various examples of a monthly line award. 

Flight Attendants are reminded that when practicing to enter a block bid and if a line contains more than one position, the system will consider positions in the following order, for example: FM01 [PUR01], followed by FA01 and the FA02 on a 3 position line. Additionally, Flight Attendants block bidding will have the option to position bid. In this instance you would enter your block bid and then select the desired position from the screen. 

Additional information for Part 2 of the CCS Practice Environment will be added to the practice environment soon. Some of the functions that will be provided in Part 2 will be real time experience of Trip Trades and the ability to view your Master Schedule. 

It cannot be emphasized enough that everyone should take full advantage of the extensive educational materials that are being made available to you. Information has been distributed via email, posted on One United, in Content Locker on your Link, in all the bases and on our website unitedafa.org. 

Additional questions should be directed to your Local Council.

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