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KCM Screening Clarification – Liquid, Gel & Aerosol Procedures

Source: AFA

Date: May 02, 2018

Source: Elines

There appears to be continued confusion on the use of the KCM Expedited Screening facilities by Flight Attendants. As of January 2015, crewmembers were no longer required to wear uniforms when clearing security at the airport using the designated KCM access points at airports nationwide. With the change in procedure that eliminated the uniform requirement, access via the KCM access point(s) and at the passenger screening checkpoints became permissible in accordance with the following:

Uniformed crewmembers will continue to have exemptions at the passenger screening checkpoint and the KCM access point.

Non-uniformed crewmembers, who are selected and receive random screening at the KCM access point, will continue to have exemptions.

Non-uniformed crewmembers who are selected for random screening at KCM access points, then directed by the TSA officer to the passenger screening checkpoint (at either the standard lane or employee lane, where available) to receive screening:

  • Will not be allowed exemptions and, 
  • Do not  have front of the line access in standard passenger screening lanes and, 
  • Are not permitted to utilize TSA pre-check lanes

Perhaps it’s best to think of screening at passenger screening check points in this way -  Non-uniformed crewmembers are viewed as passengers when screened at passenger screening checkpoints and are screened based on passenger screening standards and must meet all of these standards. This is a long standing rule that has not been changed. 

We encourage Flight Attendants to review the policies of standard airport screening and the procedures required to utilize KCM. When approaching a KCM access point, non-uniformed crewmembers should wear their airline ID visible on their outermost garment above the waist. This will assist the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) in identifying you as a crewmember approaching the KCM podium and not a passenger attempting to breach the sterile area of the airport.

Additional information, including the procedures for International travel can be found in our recent E-lines publication dated, April 4, 2018.  Remember KCM is a privilege we all value.   It is important for all Flight Attendants to abide by the policies set forth by TSA to ensure that we don’t lose this privilege.  

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