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Temporary Duty Assignments (TDY) for SLS German Speakers

Source: AFA

Date: Feb 26, 2018

Source: Elines

Earlier this week, the company published information announcing Temporary Duty (TDY) assignments for SLS German language qualified Flight Attendants at SFI. This February 20, 2018 posting inadvertently included an incorrect contractual reference citing a provision of the pmCAL Contract when, in fact, TDY as outlined under the terms of the JCBA, has been implemented. The correct contractual reference under which these TDY assignments are being offered is Section 3.C.C. of the JCBA.

In anticipation of the assignment of seasonal flying at SFO, the company has announced an opportunity for German language qualified Flight Attendants to TDY to SLS to cover the German (GER) language qualified positions on the following flights that will be assigned on pmCAL aircraft.  

  • SFO- MUC - May 2 through October 30, 2018
  • SFO-FRA   - Beginning June 2 through August 30, 2018
  • SFO-ZRH   - Beginning June 2 through October 30, 2018 

This (TDY) opportunity will comply with the parameters set forth in Section 3.C.C.  of the JCBA and will provide contractual positive space travel to/from SFO and hotel accommodations prior to and after the pairing, plus additional per diem.

Transfer requests will open Thursday, February 21, 2018, and close at 10:00 AM Central time on March 12, 2018. Depending on the interest in this TDY, additional transfer awards may be offered after March 12. If you are interested in this TDY and not initially awarded, you are encouraged to leave your request on file for future consideration.  

Flight Attendants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the SLS-GER TDY base. 

Flight Attendants must be German language qualified prior to the transfer. To arrange for qualification testing, contact InflightLanguages@United.com.

Flight Attendants who have not been active in a German base for the last 12 bid periods, but currently hold a German language qualification, will be required to re-test for their qualification status within 30 days of accepting this temporary transfer. 

NOTE: Qualified pmCO German speakers, currently based in NLS-German and HOS-German, are ineligible to apply as neither base has an over complement of German speakers.

To Apply:

If you are currently German language qualified, 

Send an e-mail to Todd.Grant@united.com providing your name, employee number and a statement of interest to transfer to the SLS-GER base. In response to your e-mail, you will receive a confirmation e-mail providing you with additional details on this TDY assignment.

Flight Attendants interested in becoming language qualified should contact inflightlanguages@united.com

Additional information can be found in the Inflight Services Scheduling Alert dated February 21, 2018. 

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