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Ready Reserve or Release (Section 8.E.1-2.)

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 04, 2018

Source: Elines

Reserve Flight Attendants who are not assigned within the Reserve Preferencing system or during the post-preferencing clean-up may be either released from contact for the following day or assigned to the Ready Reserve list for the following day where they will be placed in appropriate time accrued order. 

  • Excess Reserves will be released when the number of Reserves still available is equal to or greater than the projected number of Flight Attendants needed for the following day. 
  • If released, Reserves will be so advised by the automated communication system. 
  • If only a portion of the Ready Reserves can be released, they will be those at the bottom of the respective TMAC list. (i.e. those with the most time accrued.)  Keep in mind, those assigned Ready Reserve will not receive a Priority CCS Message advising of this assignment.  Flight Attendants assigned Ready Reserve are required to remain available for contact
  •  Ready Reserve assignments made any time after the 1930 assignment process will follow the provisions outlined in Section 8.G. the JCBA and described in Chapter 6 of Reserve guide. Ready Reserves are subject to displacement by a Lineholder up to 15 hours prior to check-in of the pairing, as specified in Section 7.I.12. of the JCBA.

Note: At 15 hours prior to check-in, the Reserve will be released to check-in and will not be subject to displacement by a Lineholder. 

Additional information can be found in Chapter 6 of the Reserve guide or by contacting your Local Council. 

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