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TUMI Program Updates

Source: AFA

Date: Jul 28, 2017

Source: Elines

Over the past several weeks, the TUMI® roadshows in the domiciles have given all of us a better sense of the product offerings that will be available for selection from United’s new official luggage partner.  These durable, high quality products are designed to hold up under the rigors of our travel schedules and will provide us with the flexibility to employ the various packing styles that fit our individual flying schedules.  A five-year warranty applies to all the TUMI products included in this program.  It covers zippers, wheels, and handles. Any changes to the product(s) made by anyone other than TUMI will void the original TUMI warranty and items will not be eligible for any repair (e.g., rollerblade wheels).

In the weeks ahead, we will be receiving information on ordering optional Tumi items in addition to what will become the company required wheeled Tumi bag.  Additional information is available on the TUMI® page on Flying Together including pictures of the optional items that will be made available for purchase at a substantial discount. 

It was also confirmed that a wheeled tote will be added to the program and will be available for purchase by January 2018. Instructions for purchase will be sent to our corporate e-mail accounts when the item becomes available.
The ordering site will be opening in the weeks ahead.  We encourage you to stay connected to receive additional updates.  Shipment of luggage will begin in September 2017 and all new bags must be selected by December 31, 2017.

One final note, management has indicated that as of January 1, 2018, that is, once all TUMI bags have shipped, the transition out of the TravelPro® program and into the TUMI® program will be completed.  At that time, the TUMI bag will be the required company-issued wheeled case and the TravelPro bag will be phased out and will no longer be permitted for use while on duty.


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