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Implementation Date for Common Scheduling Platform Announced

Source: AFA

Date: Jun 21, 2017

Source: Elines 

Yesterday the company announced the implementation date for a common scheduling platform will be for the October 2018 bid month.

In light of the recent announcement of the implementation date for a common scheduling platform, there have been a number of questions raised regarding the composition of and the work of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) as provided for under the terms of the Implementation Agreement (LOA #18). 

The Joint Implementation Team consists of six (6) representatives – three Company members and three Union members. These individuals are responsible to determine the changes that need to be made in order to implement the scheduling provisions of the JCBA consistent with what was intended in bargaining. 

The Union’s members of the JIT are two of the negotiators of the Agreement, Kevin Lum, SFO and Jack Kande, EWR.  In addition, one Local Council President, Denny Wheeling, IAH is the third member.  These individuals are removed from their flying schedules to facilitate their full participation in all necessary meetings.  As part of the negotiations process, it was agreed the Company would bear the cost of removing these individuals from schedule as a statement of the Company’s financial commitment to the process of implementing the JCBA.

Since August of last year, representatives from the JIT have been meeting to determine what changes need to be made as well as to be involved in the integration of more than 37 systems that will support the Contract and what was intended in bargaining.

Typically, these meetings occur each week, Monday through Friday, at the OPC Facility in Elk Grove Village, the site of United’s former World Headquarters.  Use of this facility provides the JIT and other subject matter experts with a dedicated facility to meet to review the documents that support the 1 million lines of code changes that will be required to implement the JCBA.  In addition, this site provides facilities where testing of items implemented under the JCBA can take place.  For example, jumpseat and galley pay testing took place at this facility.   Research and other work is completed at the Union MEC Office in Rosemont, IL.

In addition, to the weekly reports provided to the MEC Officers, the Union’s Members of the JIT have provided updates to the United Master Executive Council (MEC) at each of the quarterly MEC meetings.  These meetings were held in October in Chicago, January in Houston, and April in Chicago.  The next quarterly meeting of the United MEC will be held in July in Newark, NJ.  The Union Members of the JIT will be reporting to the MEC at the July meeting.

In order to facilitate your understanding of the complexities of the implementation process, your Local Council officers have been provided monthly updates and are available to take your calls and obtain answers to any questions you may have.   We encourage you to reach out and get answers to your questions.

For additional information on this announcement, please see the information posted on the Flying Together website.

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