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CJA (Jumpseat) Awarding Harmonized for all Flight Attendants

Source: AFA

Date: Apr 03, 2017

Source: unitedafa.org

Effective April 2, 2017, the process of awarding the Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) will be harmonized.  As a result of this change, CJA will be awarded without consideration of pre-merger “metal” and will be awarded solely on Jumpseat Seniority.  

Jumpseat Seniority is defined under the terms of the JCBA as the Flight Attendant’s bid (SW Classification) seniority or company seniority (as used for pass travel) whichever date is earliest.

To be awarded CJA, Flight Attendants are required to have listed for the flight and checked-in no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled departure.  Flight Attendants who check-in after the thirty minute deadline will be awarded CJA on a first-come, first-served basis, to the extent consistent with the needs of the operation. 

As we have previously reported, at the Fall 2016 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council, the United MEC acted to direct the MEC President to engage management in discussions aimed at implementing the process by which the award of the Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) is accomplished consistent with the terms of the JCBA.  That is, by the earlier of company or bidding seniority.

Discussions with management centered around the fact that all other provisions of the travel programs are seniority based without regard to pre-merger metal.  We are pleased to report the outcome of these discussions was positive and management, responding to the advocacy of the Union, agreed to work to implement these provisions.

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