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The CAUSE Foundation is here to help

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Date: Nov 13, 2017

Have you ever flown with someone who has health issues & financial issues? They could use financial help & you wish you had the money to give them. Well, you can help them! How? By donating monthly to The CAUSE Foundation which provides financial assistance to UA flight attendants in critical need. It's easy to sign up (directions below) & it's a wonderful way to help your flying coworkers. Donating a few dollars (or more) a month really adds up! Please contact CAUSE through the website if you need assistance and/or share information about CAUSE if you know of someone in need. 


How to make a recurring payroll deduction- 

1. Go to the CAUSE website. 

2. Click on "Donate Now"

3. Scroll down to "United Payroll Monthly Recurring Donation."

4. Click on red "Click here to set up your United monthly payroll donations now."

5. Decide what you would like to donate & submit. 

6. Be proud in knowing that you are helping a UA coworker!

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