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Round One First Vacation Bid Now Available

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 25, 2017

Source: Elines

The first round of vacation bidding opened on October 23 and will remain open until October 31, 2017, 0800 home domicile time. Flight Attendants should become familiar with the following vacation options prior to bidding in order to have the greatest opportunity to be awarded their desired vacation period.

For additional information visit Unitedafa.org, reference Vacation Booklet #2, speak to your Local AFA Representative, or contact the Vacation Team now through November 30.

Vacation Team

Telephone: U.S.1-800-FLT-LINE(option 5, option 1)








Hong Kong




Narita (Tokyo)






TeamDays/Hours:Monday–Friday;0800 to 1700 Central Time

Locating the Vacation Allocation on CCS

To locate the allocation of vacation days on CCS.

  • Click on the Bidding tab
  • Select “myVacation” from the list of option.

Once selected, you will be directed to your personal myVacation page.  On that page, select Click here adjacent to:

To view Vacation Allocation Open Days   

  • Enter base/domicile

If you have questions about accessing these allocations, please contact the Vacation Team.

Vacation Award Process Clarification

Recently, we have received inquiries regarding the vacation bid award process, specifically, in circumstances when Flight Attendants bid separate vacation periods in the first round.  

To clarify, the computer will respond to all bids placed on file during the first round at the same time before proceeding to the next Flight Attendant in seniority order.

Keep in mind, if you are unable to hold any of your bid selections, your bid will be considered insufficient.  Any bid vacation periods that are not awarded will be considered “insufficient bids”.  Section 12.F.2. of our JCBA provides “… all vacations shall be awarded in Vacation Bid Seniority order within each Base.”  

If you have additional questions or need clarification on any part of the vacation bidding process, contact the Vacation Team or your Local Council Office.

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